About CCF

Fukuoka is home of creative-related industry including gaming, fashion, music, film, animation, and design. There are many Fukuoka based creators who are actively involving themselves in a wide array of creative endeavor both at home and overseas while a city itself serves as site for a variety of creative industry-related events.

Under favorable conditions, Fukuoka city supports these activities and make various efforts to further promote the development of creative industry

This website is operated for the purpose of the Creative Lab Fukuoka dispatching various information about Fukuoka, Japan, and the world to creators worldwide with a keyword of “creative”.


The Creative Lab Fukuoka aims to drive the creative industries and to develop the regional economy, by generating new business beyond the boundaries of industries and by promoting entries of domestic and overseas corporations through the cross-sectional interaction and collaboration across the creative industries such as the game, animation, film, music, fashion, and design fields.

Fukuoka can be remembered as a creative town filled with young talent, and to promote developing the town in which young creators can succeed freely. It is a private organization founded in January 2013 in coordination with the industry/academia/government corporations to realize the Creative Entertainment City Fukuoka.