2015.09.30 Wed

〜12/15/2015 Two Much Talked-About Exhibitions at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

This fall The Fukuoka Asian Art Museum will hold two themed exhibitions.
◼︎”A Mysterious(?) World—To a Place that Isn’t Here”
Left: Lampu Kansanoh (Thailand) “The Diligent Cleaner” 2012
Right: Artist Unknown(China)”An Illustration of Western Houses I” 18th Century

With the theme of “the mystery of sight,” beginning with works from the period in which techniques of perspective and shading were brought to Asia from the West, on exhibit are mysterious artworks that give the feeling of having been pulled into a magical world. One can experience the feeling o f having been transported to an unexpected place and time, away from the city, school, work, shopping areas and The Fukuoka Asian Art Museum.

◼︎”A Grain of Hope—Who Does the Land Belong To?!”
Left:Taring Padi(Indonesia) “Save the Spring” 2009
Right:Sun Guoqiang (China) “Information for Chairman Mao” 1974

Centered on the wood-block prints of the artist group “Taring Padi,” formed in Indonesia in 1998. Works based on the themes of colonial aggression by Western powers since the 17th century and recent large-scale land development inspire thought about issues revolving around the globalization of populations and land.