2016.10.11 Tue

10/22〜23 Fukuoka Short Animation Film Festival

Started in xxxx (year), Fukuoka Short Animation Film Festival has been popular with tickets that sell out every year. In addition to presenting Japanese films, the film festival this year will bring numerous specially-picked animated works from South Korea, China, and Singapore.
The screening party will feature special guests such as “animation director: Ryo Hirano” as well as “New Deer Inc.’s representative, Doi Nobuaki”, who will be hosting the talks afterwards.
Also, on October 22nd (Saturday), the day before the film festival, there is a workshop animating original characters.
Come and meet animated works that are available only at the film festival!
1. Workshop
As instructor, the workshop will star Ryo Hirano, who works in various fields: as an animation producer, illustrator, manga artist, VJ, and hip hop artist!
The workshop is themed: “let’s make an animated work together!”
October 22nd (Saturday) 2016 12:30 to (scheduled)
Kouya Gallery
15 people
Participation cost:
2,500 yen
Please apply through the email below (*reservation required)
– Please make sure your application includes your name and phone number (cell phone number).
– If there are more in your party who would like to participate, please let us know by including the information in your application.
With Ryo Hirano as the instructor, all of the participants will draw their own original characters, and connect them together to create a single work of animation. The workshop focuses on letting more people familiarize themselves with creating an animated work, rather than creating a well-drawn, complete work. By acquainting themselves with the joys of making animation, the participants will be able to enjoy animation even better. The participants will spend a fun and educational time getting to know instructor Hirano’s own unique way of coming up with ideas as well as ways of creating simple animation.
2. Movie screening
October 23rd 2016 (Sunday)
LIV LABO (1 Chome-6-8 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi)
50 persons per session
1,500 yen per session (+1 drink order)
How to purchase:
Please apply through the below address (*reservation required)
◯Program A “Asian Animation Selection”
The event will be screening specially-picked animated works from Japan, South Korea, China, and Singapore. As a matter of fact, 6 out of 7 of the works will be shown for the first time in Fukuoka. The event will show works from fresh and unique animators, which are rare in the city of Fukuoka. Also, be sure to attend the onstage talk after the showing hosted by animation producer Ryo Hirano and New Deer Inc.’s representative, Doi Nobuaki!
11:00 (opens at 10:30)
17:00 (opens at 16:30)
*Each showing is 70 minutes long, followed by an onstage talk.
◯Program B “Tomorrow’s World – Collection of Works by Don Hertzfeldt” (first shown in Fukuoka!)
The newest work, “Tomorrow’s World”, which has been gathering international acclaim such as the nomination for Academy Awards’ best short animated film, as well as for the short-film grand prix for the Sundance Film Festival, has finally come to be shown in Fukuoka for the first time, alongside the legendary 3-part film “Everything’s Going To Be Alright”.
<1st showing> 14:00 (opens at 13:30)
<2nd showing> 20:00 (opens at 19:30)
*Each showing is 80 minutes, followed by an onstage talk.
★★★If you are attending either program A or B, you will be refunded 500 yen in cash on the day of the showing★★★
Wang Haiyang/Double Fikret (China)
Lei Lei/Big Hands Oh Big Hands, Let it Bigger and Bigger (China)
Henry & Harry/The Tiger of 142B ( Singapore)
Kapie Eipak/Three the Peehood(Singapore)
Hong Hak-Soon/Wink Rabbit (Korea)
Program B “Tomorrow’s World – Collection of Works by Don Hertzfeldt” (first shown in Fukuoka!)