2019.05.14 Tue

A contest is now underway in which we are inviting applications for works to be exhibited at the Fukuoka City Science Museum!

At the Fukuoka City Science Museum, we are holding a contest in which we are inviting applications for works to be exhibited in the “Creative Space”, which is the main exhibition room. The winning entries will be exhibited in this space for a term of one year, and broadly used as PR for Fukuoka-originated content.

This year, in addition to the “exhibition department” inviting applications for up to four sets of works to exhibit, we have newly established the “Ideas department”. We are inviting applications for a wide range of creative works, and the winning entries will be exhibited in a panel in the Science Museum. We eagerly await your entries.

Press release link(PDF)

■Content of invitation
Fukuoka City Science Museum CREATIVE AWARD

〇Content of invitation
Works to be displayed in the Creative Space of the Science Museum

〇Qualification requirements
You must satisfy the following requirements.
(1)An individual, corporation, or group with its base in Fukuoka City or the Fukuoka metropolitan area, or that has a connection to Fukuoka City.
*We welcome applications from students (including high-school students).
(2)If you pass the first round of judging, you are able to appear at the second round held on June 29th (Saturday) . Application planning (exhibited works) rules

〇Department and award setting
(1)Exhibition department  Winning items(up to 4 works) prize money of 300,000 yen
Winning entries shall be exhibited in the Creative Space for a period of one year.
(2)Ideas department Incentive award(up to 3 works) prize money of 50,000 yen
The winning entries shall be exhibited in panels etc. within the Science Museum.
*It is possible to apply to both the Exhibition Department and the Ideas Department.

See the Science Museum website for details.

■Method of submission
Post(must arrive)or hand-carry

■Deadline for submission
June 7, 2019(Fri) 18:00

■Please direct inquiries to
Creative Award Office, Fukuoka City Science Museum, 4-2-1 Ropponmatsu, Chuo-Ku, Fukuoka-shi 810-0044

■Official website
Fukuoka City Science Museum