2023.05.18 Thu

Creators Meetup “GROWING” #02 Coming Soon!!

Creators Meetup “GROWING,” an event for creators active in Fukuoka City, is coming up at the end of May. Centered around the theme of “Production Skills,” the event will feature a talk session by top producers working at the forefront of their respective industries, one-on-one consultations with local creators and top producers, and a networking reception.

Creators Meetup “GROWING” is an event where creators and guests from various fields engage with each other under a specific theme for the further growth of creators active in Fukuoka City.
On the heels of GROWING #01 in March, which was a tremendous success with over 40 creators and other professionals participating, the second installment will be held on Sunday, May 28.

The theme of “GROWING” #02 is “Production Skills.” Held as part of FUKUOKA PRODUCER SUMMIT 2023,” ( where top producers working at the forefront of their respective industries will come together under one roof, the meetup seeks to provide Fukuoka-based creators to engage with top producers.

GROWING will be comprised of three sessions.

1) Talk session (14:30 – 16:00):
What kind of production skills should creator’s build? What is business thinking from a producer’s perspective? The panelists will discuss the perspectives and skills required for the further growth of creators from the viewpoint of a top producer.

●Theme: Skills that Creators Should Build – Attributes of New Creators That Will be Required in the Future


2) PRODUCER’S BAR (One-on-one consultations) (16:00-18:00):
How should creators market the works they have created, and how should they produce them? This session is an opportunity for one-on-one consultations where creators can pose their concerns and questions directly to top producers, receive advice, and exchange opinions. (10 minutes per business)

●Participating Producer:
Jiro Enomoto(Representative director, Zero-Ten inc.)
Mr. Kazuya Masumoto (Managing Director, TRIGGER Inc., Animation Producer)
Mr. Norihiko Sasaki (PIVOT CEO)
Mr. Takahiro Miura (Representative director, The Breakthrough Company GO  PR/CreativeDirector)

Please see below for the details of each producer.
*Please note in advance that the number of slots is limited, and we may be unable to accommodate your request.
*Please note that the application deadline for PRODUCER’S BAR is May 22nd (Mon).

Also, PRODUCER’S BAR (individual consultation) is 10 minutes per slot. Please prepare the content you wish to discuss in advance to make the most out of the time. Please also bring your portfolio (self-promotion tools)) as needed.

3) Networking reception
A joint networking reception between FUKUOKA PRODUCER SUMMIT 2023 (organized by Zero-Ten Inc.) and Creators Meetup “GROWING” (organized by Creative Lab Fukuoka). In addition to meeting top producers, the reception will provide a forum for Fukuoka City-based creators to network with each other.

This is a unique opportunity to meet top producers who are active on the forefronts of their respective industries and experience their ideas up close and personal. Experience world-class talent firsthand!

GROWING participants may attend only one talk session at FUKUOKA PRODUCER SUMMIT 2023 free of charge. Please select the talk session you wish to attend from the registration form. (Please note, however, that you may not be able to attend a talk session if there are too many applicants.)

Details of Creators Meetup “GROWING” #02
●Date & time: Sunday, May 28, 2023 14:30-20:00
●Venue: 010 BUILDING (1-4-17 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku)
●Participation fee: Only 1,000 yen (Participants may attend three GROWING sessions and one talk session at FUKUOKA PRODUCER SUMMIT 2023. If you wish to participate in the entire FUKUOKA PRODUCER SUMMIT 2023, an additional fee of 5,000 yen will be added to the registration fee for a total of 6,000 yen.) *In either case, please pay at the registration desk on the day of the event (cash only).
●Maximum number of participants: 30
●Target: Creators who are active in Fukuoka City (regardless of genre)
●Organizer: Creative Lab Fukuoka

[Register here]
Registration will close when the maximum number of 30 people has been reached.

For further information on FUKUOKA PRODUCER SUMMIT 2023, please visit the official website below.