2017.05.26 Fri

Announcing the Fukuoka Drone Creative First Prize Award and Finalists

This is the Fukuoka Drone Creative Award for great aerial shots of Fukuoka!
There were six finalists chosen from out of 49 entrees and on May 5th, 2017 at the Global Startup Drone MeetFes event held at Fukuoka Growth Nex,t (the old Daimyo Elementary School) after a public consideration by the judges, the winner was awarded the first prize by Mayor Takashima.

You can take a look at the shots by clicking the links below.
※We will be posting the shots of all entries on our FB page Drone Shots.

【Category A: Nokonoshima】
First Prize Fukuoka Mayor’s Prize
Name of work: Nokonoshima through the sky eye
Producer: Fukuyama Kensuke

Name of work: Song of the Wind
Producer: Tanaka Kazunari Song of the Wind

Name of work: Touring in Noco
Producer: Baba Nobuhira

【Category B:Fukuoka City】
First Prize
Name of work: Hidden Paradise Fukuoka
Producer: Nigel Paquin

Name of work: tree
Producer: Geodada Mori Kanichi

Name of work: Rediscover Fukuoka City
Producer: Sakai Kosuke