2017.03.01 Wed

【Extension of offering period】 About moral · manner improvement poster design recruitment

In Fukuoka City, we decided to work together with citizens, businesses and organizations to improve moral and manners, based on the “Ordinance to make people safe and comfortable town Fukuoka” (commonly known as the Moral · Manor Ordinance) I will.
As a part of that, we are looking for poster designs to deepen their interests and understanding about improving morals and manners. Award-winning works will be widely used for raising awareness of improving moral and manners including postings in city halls and public spaces. We are waiting for a wonderful poster of all of you from the bottom of my heart.

■ Details of application guidelines are here ↓

■ Eligibility
Students enrolled in universities, junior colleges, vocational schools and high schools in Fukuoka city

■ Theme
Improve moral manners Insert a tagline “Moral for Mamoru. Mirai for Tulle.” In the poster, calling for everyone in Fukuoka city to improve overall moral and manners.

■ Period of recruitment
Monday, January 16, 2017 ~ March 8 (Wednesday) (must arrive)

■ Application method
Paste the application form 【Exhibit】 on the back side of the work output to the actual size (B2), and bring it to the following address or submit it by post.
There is no problem even if the work is laminated on A3 size output. The handwritten original is impossible.
· Submitter (Administrative Secretariat)
Specific nonprofit corporation FUKUOKA Design League
1-3-27 Ohashi Minami-ku, Fukuoka City 815-0033 Kyushu University Ohashi Satellite
Contact address (TEL) 092-551-0825 (FAX) 092-405-0825
※ In case of bringing, please come during the weekdays from 10 o’clock to 19 o’clock.