2015.09.30 Wed

10/14/2015・10/17 SESSION –The Fusion of Idols and Technology-

“SESSION” is an entertainment technology that fuses Fukuoka idols and Fukuoka technology. “Entertainment Technology” is a new genre that aims to combine idols, classical performing arts, and new technologies to create a space where through public performances engineers and creators may collaborate to engage audiences and to show off Fukuoka to the world.
The public promotions will start on the 4th of October with open practices for all to enjoy. Complete showcase live performances will be held on October 17th with multiple groups performing simultaneously. At this event six Fukuoka-based idol groups will perform: Angel Ladder, Hypericum, RiCKA, Ayumun, Smile, and zero-dash.
*All pictures are from the hackathon that was held in September.