2013.11.15 Fri

“Teamlab video sculpture” expose a moving Christmass tree in three-dimensional light in Canal City Hakata!


Starting with this weekend, town illumination is fully underway.
Kego park will be opened. Roadside trees and the buildings will be illuminated by Christmas decorations.
Among the many Christmas trees exposed, the one in the Canal City Hakata has about 50 000 Full Color LED chips that will decorate not only the exterior, but also the interior. The Team Lab video sculpture (three-dimensional display)
exposes an enormous three-dimensional light moving Christmas tree: “The Crystal Tree of Wishes”.

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The visitors can freely decorate the “The Crystal Tree of Wishes” using a smart phone.
It is the first interactive Christmas tree in the world which can be moved in 3D.
Furthermore, on the 16th of November (Saturday), the first day, you can enjoy
the “candle relay” developed by Teamlab. Use the “Connecting candles” application to light them up.
By lighting up you smartphone, the light will go to the closest person, and so on,
like a candle relay.Any visitor can join the lighting up ceremony !
■ Date: from 16th of November (Saturday) to 25th of December (Monday)
■ Time: 10:00 ~ 24:00 * this can vary, due to weather conditions
For more information go to:
Teamlab: always giving new ideas to the world.
Teamlab held a a creative exhibition in Fukuoka.
The video taken at this meeting is below.