2018.01.12 Fri

Notice of TEDx Fukuoka 2018 “INFINITE DIVERSITY” held

■ TEDx Fukuoka (Tedex Fukuoka) will hold “TEDx Fukuoka 2018” INFINITE DIVERSITY “at Science Hall of Fukuoka City Science Museum on Saturday, January 27, 2018.

■ Program overview
Based on the main theme of “INFINITE DIVERSITY” (infinite diversity), we welcome the powerful speakers and performers who keep on stepping on the road with our own power without being caught by common sense, disseminate, share and spread valuable ideas .

◼︎The speaker
Ann · Cressini educator, blogger
Hideshi Katayama Representative Director Tsutawarudoboku corporation General Association
Hideki Tsutsumi Music Producer / Arranger / Arranger / Music Educator
Kayoko Takahashi Corporation Employee cafeteria nutritionist
Kazuhiro Adachi Representative Director Aidchi Coffee
Rie Nitta Representative Director of TABEL Corporation
Saito Ryosuke Animation dancer
Masaki Sugimoto Surgeon / Educator / Entrepreneur
Norio Hirao Signifire
Miki Tachiyama Corporation MIKI Fanit Representative Director
Yurie Amano Artist
Sadashi Fujioka Media artist
Yuri Ojika Fashion Designer

■ Application method
Please apply from the dedicated page.

* Reception is until January 23, 2018.
* The reception will be closed as soon as it becomes capacity.

* This conference is invite only. (With preliminary questionnaire)
* Cost: General 5,000 yen, Student 2,000 yen
* Social gathering: 1,500 yen in general, 1,000 yen for students
* Participation only for social gatherings is not possible.

Other information on “TEDxFukuoka” “TED”
Please see the official website