Curator's BLOG

2014.11.06 Thu

Nice to meet you. I’m Shimomura from 5ive.

I’m Shimomura from 5ive, and I’m am taking part in this blog as one of the curators of Creative City Fukuoka. Based in Fukuoka, I mostly produce the front end of what are generally advertising websites. At the moment, I’m also active as a member of LONDO, a share office in Hiro. My website brings together all of my work so far, and if you have time, I would love for you to take a look. I’m very happy that you’re visiting this page.

I’ll end my formal self-introduction with that. On this blog, I’m looking forward to being able to introduce you to idea sources, events, and people in Fukuoka and nearby areas. It’s rather short notice, but on Saturday this weekend (November 8th), there will be an event called kkzn vol.3 happening at FUCA in Hiro. This, the third edition of the event, is called “100 people’s portfolios,” and participants will be showing each other works that they have produced. Naturally, I’ll also be taking part.

“The creative community known as kkzn came about out of the desire to create a place for exchange, and has met on two occasions so far. This third edition of the event has no particularly complex aim. It’s simply that we are bringing creators together from places like Tokyo or Kyushu so that they can exchange ideas while viewing each other’s portfolios. This may lead to work, friendships may form, or people may even be recruited. We hope to create a wonderful arena such as this.” (source: kkzn website)

The event is open to anyone who brings along his or her portfolio and pays the Y1000 participation fee. The organizers would particularly love to see many students and young creators taking part. Even a single business card can make for a superb portfolio. Participants may show their work on their smartphones or tables, or on paper, or they could bring along the real object. It doesn’t matter whether it’s professional work or private work; anything is fine in any kind of genre. This is a unique opportunity to take a close look at what kind of work is being created in Tokyo and Fukuoka, and who’s creating it. If you’re interested in showing your work, we encourage you to come along.

An indication of the mood of the vol. 2 talk session.