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2015.01.14 Wed

solid & liquid × anaba-na I’ll be appearing at this talk event


Happy New Year!! Best wishes to everybody for the coming year.

I did my new year’s greeting visits in moderation this year, and now I’m scheduled to participate as guest speaker at the kotoba-na talk event that will be at solid & liquid in Tenjin IMS on 23 January (Fri). I will be talking on the theme of “How everyday life intersect with online life, changing the city and changing our lives.”

Kotoba-na is sponsored by the online magazine anaba-na that actively digs up all the excitement happening in Kyushu. It’s a talk event that lets us put our heads together with the audience.

“Reading, drinking, talking. Because there’s stuff you want to know. Because there’s stuff you want to tell. Kotoba-na is a talk event that brings us together to talk and think out loud, with guests who are people doing interesting stuff and living new lifestyles in Fukuoka. At solid & liquid TENJIN, bookstore & cafe on the 4th floor of the Tenjin IMS building. What comes out of here, is what’s going on in the world. What’s going to be going on for us.”

Misako-san of taromagazine will be in charge of moderating the talk, and I will be the guest together with Goto-san from BUZZHOOK. Misako-san, who brings us creative and art information through CENTRAL and Prefab, and Goto-san, writer and editor for Fukuoka city info portal AFRO FUKUOKA, plus me, provider of online support for LONDO office share and space/venue building, will be talking I hope about how to stay involved with the city while living in an online world, and how to stay people-conscious while using the Internet. I would be very happy if everyone who attended went home with one new useful idea.

■ Kotoba-na VOL.004
Date 23 January (Fr) 19:00 ~ 21:00
Place solid & liquid (Tenjin IMS 4th floor)
Price ¥1,000 (includes one drink)

Anyone interested in attending is welcome to make a reservation here: talk event form See you soon!