Curator's BLOG

2014.12.17 Wed

This year, dotFes 2014 will take place in Fukuoka!


DotFes is an interactive event and its theme is school festival. Each year it took place in diffrent places all over the country. Now we want to meek you in Fukuoka. This event has been sponsored every year by WebDesigning, a specialized magazine about web creations.

dotFes “…started with presentations and courses about technologies used by leading creators. Now it exhibits original installation, trial, entertainment and all sorts of works made by creators everyday. ”

Why interactive? Because it offers the rare chance to have a close look on works made by Japan’s leading creators. This event is recommended for persons who create using the Web, persons who want to try themselves new methods, students interested in design and other persons interested in finding a job based on creation. You have to make your way to this event!


In dotFes we also personally introduce production companies of high interest which will participate.

A high quality production company which is very interactive in rural areas
It is also famous for creating “Flying Ace“, “Detailed page about dotFes

It is an impressive production company refined and nice design, how to use technologies specialized in representation
PLAYFUL BOOKS」、「IROPIKO」and other applications very interactive are all wonderful.
> Detailed page about dotFes

One to ten design Co.(KYOTO)
It is a production company famous for adopting 3D fighting games of the corporate site
It has made efforts in developing through expressibility “SAMURIDE EFFECT“, “UNIQLO 11DAYS HEATUP” and many other motion contents.
> Detailed page about dotFes

And finally, dotFes’s special part: “The last act of creativity“. The guests will be KOO-KI from Fukuoka, Structure Design and Mr. Manabe from BBDO J WEST. Everybody will be filled with a live sensation. What kind of presentation will be this time? It seems to be very interesting! Take your kids and come! We wait you with many surprises, and don’t forget our installation exhibition!