Curator's BLOG

2014.11.27 Thu

kkzn vol.3 report


Here we will report on state of the previously introduced entry, creative community kkzn vol.3 (100 person portfolio). More than 10 people from Tokyo participated, and on the day of the event at the FUCA location around 70 people came and participated.

Everyone was speaking each other and showing their portfolios from right before the start of the event with no hesitation being felt. During the free talk portion, people were also creating their own talk sessions, and using projectors were introducing their jobs to each other.

Here we have an owner of restaurant presenting their dishes as their portfolio. We can also see the various outputs from stylists, graphic designers, movie makers, illustrators, web designers, and so on

This is a portfolio from a clothes designer. Here the designer is using slides to introduce some of the normal concepts they use in designing their clothes.

Here everyone is paying close attention to the talk sessions. Being able to stand up and sit down at their leisure and having the freedom to move around at the location may have helped in making an environment where it was easier to talk.

Here we have a web design company who was kind enough to come all the way from Kumamoto. They were kind enough to introduce some of the jobs they were currently working on and provide a live demonstration of web designing.

Even when the meeting came to a close the various discussions weren’t finished so the time was extended. Next was a friendly wrap-up party for the participants. Everyone was able to talk with one another while looking at the products that they normally produce, it was an important event. Also since the participants knew what was being made and presented, everyone was able to talk in specific detail and also joke around which livened up the party very nicely.

One thing that stood out was it seemed that there were many clients from Tokyo who were working and creating goods in Fukuoka, these were mostly movie makers. Also there were rumors of participants using this meeting as a chance to find partners to go into business with. Since there aren’t many events where various businesses from different sectors can meet, we believe this structure allowed for positive meetings and also inspiration for the participants.

We are in the middle of preparations for the next kkzn vol.4. For the next meeting, we are imagining a combination of a portfolio exhibition and a project exhibition. We will have the participants bring goods, for example preparing booths for the participating companies based on company rank so they can present among other things. By involving Tokyo and Fukuoka manufactures, we are planning to have an even better event. We are looking forward to the next event.