Curator's BLOG

2013.05.17 Fri

This is Maiko Hayashi of nico edit.

Hello everybody.

My name is Maiko Hayashi of nico edit, which provides editing services in Fukuoka.
It has been decided that I will write a blog from now on!
Incidentally, the name “nico” comes from the two of us working together.

We are Maiko and Yoshiko, two “ko (s),” or “ni-ko” in Japanese.
We gave ourselves this name in the hope that we would be able to work with smiles on our faces, “niko niko” in Japanese.
Here is Bisuko (the dog) with us too.
I used to work for a magazine company, but now I organize materials and provide editing and planning services for fashion, lifestyle and beauty projects, among others, on a freelance basis.
I have a lot of opportunities to go out to work-related events and exhibitions so I would like to introduce things that interest me at those on this blog from now on.

There was a designing exhibition starting from last weekend in Fukuoka.
This year was the 9th time it has been held.
Under the theme “Design will change the city,” exhibitions and workshops, etc., have been held in places like Tenjin, Daimyo, Imaizumi and Yakuin, but did you all try going to anything?
The other day, I went to a showing of “Yasashii Lion” by Osamu Tezuka and Takashi Yanase organized by 69ner’s FILM in Kego Park.
Back in my magazine company days, I went with Mr. Haga, who presides over 69ner’s FILM, to events showing maniacal anime from all over the world at fashionable cafés and interior design shops in Fukuoka so I was looking forward to it.
This film was one where Osamu Tezuka turned a picture book created by Takashi Yanase into an anime.
An aura of maniacal fans pervaded the atmosphere from before we started watching the movie.
It was a great selection as expected by 69ner’s FILM.

The showing started at about 7.30 in the evening when the sun started to go down.
I was really happy just to be able to watch a movie slap bang in the middle of Tenjin, and outside too!
Also, it was shown as a 16 mm film, so the atmosphere was great.

It is a gentle movie that children can enjoy, but adults are moved by it too.
However, it is not only full of heart; I also felt its sense of message strongly too.

More impressive than anything were the circular benches for the audience.
It seems that they were made using worn out cedar scaffolding boards.
You cannot see them in the photo because it is too dark.

This is how it looks during the day. These benches are the symbol of this designing exhibition, are they not?
The design melts into the city of Fukuoka and is good because it is an opportunity for contact with various people.
The design exhibition is being held until the 19th and there are still workshops and other events so please enjoy them.