2013.08.04 Sun

Four Maiko Exhibition


I went to an exhibition and sales event featuring sets of four Hakata dolls painted by each of eight different artists who are active in Fukuoka and the island of Kyushu.


In the exhibition hall, Hakata dolls by each artist were displayed in rows of four.
Many of the works had novel painting styles, as the artists had come from different disciplines.
I thought that this event was great because they featured creative work that defied the boundaries of past techniques even while making traditional handicrafts the theme.


In this photo is work by the animator Michitomo Baba.
According to the artist’s comments, “I painted the fine, beautiful form of the Hakata dolls in such a way that I would be able to augment the softness and simplicity.
This work skillfully expresses the contrast in the colors.


Also impressive was the work of Eri Tsutsumy, who moved her base to Fukuoka after working as an artist in Switzerland.
Apparently she is using the Maiko as a canvas, depicting the Swiss landscape on the Hakata dolls to express her time in that place.


When you look at the work of painter Kenichi Oki from the side, it turns into a human face.
This is a very original style!


There was also the work of the active Hakata doll-maker Yoichi Nishiyama.
The reserved, graceful girl has a beautiful expression. I was impressed by the wonderful craftsmanship.


The boxes created for this occasion are also very nice.

At the Hakata Traditional Craft and Design Museum, where this exhibition was held, there is a lot of excellent work based on traditional crafts connected with Fukuoka and Hakata set up on permanent exhibition.
The museum is highly recommended, as it is full of fantastic highlights even when they are not holding a planned exhibit.