2014.12.12 Fri

6 January (Tue) ~ 11 February (Wed – Holiday) Toru Narita— Art, FX & Monsters

Artist Toru Narita created the ultra-popular characters Ultraman, Baltan and others while in charge of character models, set design, protagonist super heroes, space aliens and monsters for the television shows Ultra Q, Ultraman and Ultra Seven. His design drawings appeal to all generations and remain familiar to this day. The Fukuoka Art Museum will mount an exhibition of Toru Narita design drawings, unreleased original pictures and unrealized project designs. The show opens on Tuesday 6 January 2015.


Toru Narita 《Pigmon》(a part) 1991


Tebasu lieutenant / Tefun lieutenant 1976 private collection


Kanegon 1993 private collection

The show will feature many original pictures for special effects project designs that Narita in his lifetime called “more personal creations than Ultraman”, making it a must-see for not only Ultra fans but sci-fi and FX fans everywhere.