2013.09.06 Fri

9/13 “Fukuoka International Film Festival: Opening Screening & Opening Ceremony”


On 9/13 (Fri.), the curtain on “Asia Focus: Fukuoka International Film Festival 2013” will at last be raised. On that day, as part of the “Opening Screening/Hong Kong Night” event, the Hong Kong film “The Way We Dance (狂舞派)” will be screening at United Cinemas CanalCity13 at 5:00 p.m.
After the screening, the opening ceremony to welcome visitors to Japan will take place at Canal City Hakata’s Sun Plaza Stage in the first-floor basement at 7:15 p.m.
Over 30 film directors and actors, all filled with the spirit of Asia, will be taking part.

■ Open from 9/13 (Fri.) to 9/23 (Holiday/Mon.) at Canal City Theater.


And, as part of the Fukuoka International Film Festival, the event “A Partner Towards Internationalization: Hong Kong/Hong Kong + Kyushu Content Seminar” will open on 9/13.
The event will focus on Asia (especially Hong Kong)’s entertainment industry’s latest news and information.
You will also be able to hear from someone who currently runs a business that has appeared at Hong Kong Filmart.
Mr. Takeshi Hirata, a producer at Montblanc Pictures who is well-known in the film industry, will be taking the stage, along with others.
More information can be found at our official website.