2018.12.11 Tue

Anime CG Contest “Award:Q / Project Studio Q Anime CG Award 2018” Call for submissions

Anime CG Award 2019
Continuing from last year, Project Studio Q’s Anime CG Contest “Award:Q / Project Studio Q Anime CG Award 2018” will be held again this year. The goal of this contest is to link new possibilities in the CG animation industry with helping each creator realize their highest potential by providing the opportunity to show their work to many people, including judges.
For details, please go to the contest website. Whether you are a professional or amateur, we are looking forward to applications from a wide range of creators.

1. Submissions department
*Please refer to the contest website for submission details.
● Modeling department (student, general)
● Animation department (student, general)

2. Submission schedule
● Submission period: December 1st, 2018 (Sat) — March 31st, 2019 (Sun)
● Primary review: scheduled for early April 2019
● Final review: scheduled for early May 2019

3. Judges
[Head judge] 
Hiroyasu Kobayashi
(Project Studio Q Inc. Director/Khara Inc. Director)

Mr. Arihito Numakura
(CGWORLD Editorial Dept./Editor in Chief)
Ms. Takako Shinohara
(CG-ARTS Education Department Manager)
Mr. Yoshishige Matsuno
(Dwango Inc. Video Production Department Manager)
Mr. Yusuke Matsui
(Khara Inc. CGI Animation Director )
Mr. Daisuke Onizuka
(Project Studio Q Inc./Khara Inc. CGI Director)

[Special judge]
Anno Hideaki
(Project Studio Q Inc. Creative Director/Khara Inc. President)
4. Qualification requirements
● Student
・Those attending college, junior college, graduate school, various vocational schools, high school, or junior high school
・Can include projects produced by extracurricular activities, circles, clubs, etc.
● General
Those not mentioned above (it does not matter if you are a professional or amateur)

5. Homepage
Award:Q 2018
Project Studio Q Inc.