2018.12.13 Thu

Photography Exhibition: 24hours in Heisei

the finders 2019
24 hours in Heisei
Photography has the shortest history of all the media in contemporary art. It is an artistic field that links technology such as cameras, film, and image data to the people that use them and to science.

Fukuoka Asia Art Week 2019 ‘the finders” is a new type of integrated public-private event program in which Fukuoka operates as a hub for the art and culture of Asia. Through art, music, culture, and entertainment, it sends out a message to a glocal Asia about “the creative city of Fukuoka.”

Fukuoka Asia Art Week 2019 “the finders” will present two photography exhibitions: an exhibition by world-class photographer Herbie Yamaguchi, who is closely connected to Fukuoka, at Ropponmatsu Tsutaya Books; and, at Fukuoka City Science Museum, an exhibition of Heisei scenes by professional and amateur photographers living in Fukuoka.

In addition to exhibitions of works by various artists, ”the finders” is making a call for a wide range of works from the general public, as described below. Outstanding works will be chosen for presentation in a special exhibition.

A guide to applications for Fukuoka Asia Art Week 2019 “the finders”

1. Divisions: (i) Photography division (ii) Video division

2. Eligibility: Open to both professionals and amateurs

3. Theme: 24hours in Heisei
(i) Space (ii) Nature (iii) People (※ Application to multiple themes are permitted)

4. Format & size:
Photography division: Digital images only. Both color and monochrome are permitted. JPG format, longest side minimum of 2000 pixels.
Data size: 10 MB maximum.
Video division: mp 4 format, minimum 720 p. Maximum 1 minute. Data size 50 MB maximum.

5. Other points: Please create a title of a maximum of 30 characters for each work. You many also attach an explanation of the work/works of a maximum of 100 characters (optional).
A maximum of three works are accepted per applicant.
Works may be sent to both divisions: photography and video.

6. Applicants:
(Please fill in 1. Name 2. Email address 3. Name of hometown or the municipality in which you currently reside 4. Application division(s) 5. Data for the work(s) 6. Title of the work(s) 7. The work’s category (*”1. Space or 2. People”, ect)
*If the attached file exceeds a total of 10MB, please use a data upload service (not specified).
※ Other: your CV (profile) or your website etc. (optional)

7. Application deadline: Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

8. Announcement of results: Early February (※ We will notify you at the email address you provided at time of application.)

9. Excellence award: Photography division: 20 entrants
Video division: 3 entrants

※ Works will be exhibited at “the finders,” to be held in February (Temporary Exhibitions Room, Fukuoka City Science Museum)

10. Judging Committee: Chairperson Herbie Yamaguchi, photographer
Judging committee member Shuichi Ikeya (Asahi Camera Editorial Department)
Naoyuki Nambara (Director Tsutaya Ropponmatsu)
the finders 2019 Executive Committee

This event will be held in various public spaces around the city of Fukuoka, with a focus on the Fukuoka City Science Museum, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, and Ropponmatsu Tsutaya Books so that people who are strangers to art and music may become more familiar with these media. The event will invite artists from Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and China to present joint exhibitions with artists from Kyushu and Japan, performances, and panel discussions. It’s aim is to be an event that is able to communicate creative content from Fukuoka to Asia.