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2/5/2016 3rd Cyber University IT and Business Seminar

On February 5th 2016 (Friday), from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM at the “Fukuoka business creation center,” the Cyber University sponsorship, a joint sponsorship with the Fukuoka business creation center, will hold the third “Cyber University IT and business seminar. The seminar welcomes kay me lead design representative, Junko Kemi, who will hold the lecture, “kay me working women’s fashion, from Japan to brands of the world.” The entrance fee is free. Please apply beforehand to join.

[Date and time] February 5th 2016 (Friday) 3:00 PM ~ 5:00PM
[Location] Fukuoka business creation center 1st floor hall
(Sea mark building, 3-2-1 KashiiTeriha, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka)
※The venue does not have a place for parking for participants of the seminar.
The seminar will discuss the thinking, marketing methods, and influence of kay me, a woman focused apparel brand that grew 500% in four years, starting as a foreign strategy consultation advisory business with little funding, limited recourses, and inexperienced in apparel and retail. How to start a business and recommendations for making worldwide efforts will also be covered.

Junko Kemi(kay me representative lead designer)
・After graduating Waseda University, and working for Benesse, PWC, and Boston Consulting Group, created a marketing consulting company in 2008.
・In 2011 at the same company, created the apparel brand “kay me,” aimed at women with the concept “gorgeous in an instant, always comfortable,” and using Japanese made stretch material
・Currently has an online shop and stores in Ginza, Shinjuku, Nihonbashi, and Umeda.
・In 2014, won the 14th MIT-VFJ business plan contest and clinic (BPCC14) strategy growth division new Japan award.
・ Created a branch in the UK in June 2015. Other than an online shop, has a popular shop in London.
・In November of the same year won the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan’s “2015 Entrepreneur of the year” award.

Anyone may join. ※Application beforehand is required.

[Entrance fee]

[Application process, deadline]
Please fill out the below
(1) Name
(2) Institution (company name, department of university)
(3) E-mail address
(4) Phone number where you can be reached during the day
Apply by e-mail to the Cyber University seminar reception desk (
※ The deadline is February 3rd 2016 (Wednesday).