2016.01.28 Thu

2/28/2016 “Wa” – The marriage of Japanese & Western performance

Ohori Park Noh Theater Regular Performance
Onrenka Series 5: “Wa” – The Marriage of Japanese & Western performance
The musical group Onrenka was formed with the intention of helping the children of our generation experience classic Japanese music.
Many people feel a sense of distance from traditional Japanese instruments and dance, considering them “old” or “formal”. We would like to make these parts of Japanese culture more accessible to everyone by combining them with elements of Western culture. We hope that people are touched when they hear music from their childhood, develop an interest in it, and help to carry the culture of traditional Japanese instruments and dance to the next generation.
The highlight of this event is an ensemble performance involving collaboration between the cello and Kagura (Shinto theatrical dance), along with a medley of children’s nursery rhymes.

We have organized this event so everyone can spend the day enjoying the holiday while relaxing in the special space of a Noh Theater.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Musical group Onrenka
LeiHa (Koto), Kohsan Yamasaki (Shakuhachi), Sayuri Nagano (Cello)
Guests: Minanbara Kagura performance group, Nagauta shamisen player, Nagauta singer