2017.01.25 Wed

Information Concerning “Design Ship Kyushu 2016 ~ 2020”

NPO FUKUOKA Design League will hold the event “Design Ship Kyushu 2016 ~ 2020” on February 10th (Friday) at Acros Fukuoka.

This year we targeted not only Fukuoka but all of Kyushu as we expanded our operations to construct a platform for design.

We will introduce industry reports for “Design Alley,” “Locally Produced Design Workshop,” and “Intellectual Property Text Creation,” which began last July, as well as examples which embody the “Design-Oriented Thinking” of professionals all over the country.

The title is “Design Ship,” looking forward four years into the future to 2020 becoming the anniversary of the ship of the Kyushu design community setting sail. We look forward to seeing all of you there!

[Registration / Further Details Below↓]
※ This project is one part of the Heisei 28 Local Small and Medium Business Patent Support Reinforcement Project.

[Date and Time]
February 10, 2017 (Friday)
Part 1 (Business Report Meeting) 10:00am (Reception starts 9:30am) ~ 12:00pm
Part 2 (Presentation of Design-Oriented Thinking Examples by Theme & Panel Discussion) 1:30pm ~ 5:30pm
[Registration Deadline]
February 6, 2017 (Monday) [100 Person Limit]
※ Please note that in the event that we reach capacity before the stated deadline, we will close registration early.

[Registration Requests]
NPO Fukuoka Design League Office
TEL: 092-551-0825 FAX: 092-405-0825

Part 1 Business Report Meeting (Morning)
– Design Alley
– Locally Produced Design
[Fukuoka] Aid for the disabled through products [Kumamoto] Local revitalization through the power of the people [Kita-Kyushu] Regional Promotion through local specialties
– Kyushu Design Summit 2016 in Miyazaki
– Junior Intellectual Property Texts + Design School Campaign

Part 2 Presentation of Design-Oriented Thinking Examples by Theme & Panel Discussion (Afternoon)

[A) Aid for the disabled through products]
Daisuke Hashizume – Fukushigoto Inc. CEO, Producer / First Class Architect (Fukuoka)
Shizuka Morishita – Good Job! Center Kashiba Center Director (Nara)

[B) Local revitalization through the power of the people]
Kenji Umemoto – Nagasaki Bay Design Center Inc. Representative Director (Nagasaki)
Kohei Izutsu – Sonraku Energy Inc. CEO (Okayama)

[C) Regional Promotion through local specialties]
Naoki Ezoe – Bunbo Co., Ltd. CEO, Producer / Creative Director (Oita)
Kyoko Matsuda – Yui Associates Inc. CEO (Tokyo)

⇒ After the presentation of examples, there will be a panel discussion by the presenters.

[Social Assembly]
6:00pm ~ 8:00pm / Location: Blosso
Nishitetsu Inn Fukuoka 13F, 1-16-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka (in front of Acros Fukuoka)
Fee: 5000 yen