2016.11.25 Fri

All about our invitation to design a poster for better ‘morals and manners

Based on what are known as our ‘morals and manners’ guidelines, Fukuoka City residents, local businesses and organizations are as one, striving to make the city a pleasant, safe and caring place to live.
As part of this, we are seeking a poster design aimed at deepening our understanding and interest in good ‘morals and manners’.
The winning entry will be displayed at the City Hall and other public spaces, and widely used to educate and enlighten people on the need to make a more moralistic and well-mannered society.
We look forward to seeing all your wonderful, heartfelt posters.

Application guidelines and other details can be found here ↓

Entry requirements
Entrants must be students enrolled in a university, junior college, vocational school, or high school within Fukuoka City.

Design theme
With the tagline: “モラルをマモル。ミライをツクル。” (Protect our ideals. Make a brighter future) placed somewhere within the design, the poster should be an appeal to everyone in Fukuoka City for good ‘morals and manners’.

Entry period
2017 January 16th (Mon) – February 20th (Mon).

How to enter
The entry should be printed on B2 size paper, with a separate application form stuck to the reverse side, and either posted or submitted in person to the address below. Entries printed on A3 size paper and pieced together are also accepted. Original hand drawn work will not be accepted.

Address for entries (Administrative office)
NPO FUKUOKA Design League
Kyushu University Ohashi satellite campus
1-3-27 Ohashi, Minami-ku, Fukuoka City.

(TEL) 092-551-0825
(FAX) 092-405-0825

In case of submitting your entry in person, please visit between 10:00-19:00 Monday to Friday.