2016.06.22 Wed

Creative Lab Fukuoka Cooperative Event Open for Applications!

On this occasion, Creative Lab Fukuoka is linking up with “Asian Party” and taking applications for the “Cooperative Event” to create synergy. After confirming the details via “Application Guidelines (PDF),” please submit your application by the 7/15/2016 deadline. We await everyone’s entries.
[Application Period]
6/23/2016 (Thurs) – 7/15/2016 (Fri) Must arrive by 5:00 PM

[Application Details]
For details, please see the Application Guidelines.

[Contact for Application Inquiries]
Creative Fukuoka Promotion Council Office (Creative Lab Fukuoka)
Responsible Parties: Hori, Miura, Matsuo
Phone: (092) 711-4329
Fax: (092) 711-4354

[Application Information Directory]
・Application Guidelines[Download File]
・Application Form[Download File]
・Inquiry Form[Download File]