2016.07.01 Fri

Regarding the Q&A on the ‘Creative Lab Fukuoka Sponsored Event’ (for June 30th 2016 entries)

Questions on the ‘Creative Lab Fukuoka Sponsored Event’ that took place on June 30th 2015 have been answered below.
Q1: If I entered this year and was nominated, would I still be able to enter again the next year?
A1: Yes, you can.
Q2: In terms of the collaboration with Creative Lab Fukuoka after being nominated, are there compulsory working hours on weekdays?
A2: We will carry out meetings as frequently as deemed necessary. We will try to provide consultation in terms of date and time as much as possible, but weekdays are fixed. We greatly appreciate your cooperation.
Q3: Around what time will I hold my presentation? If in the event I was unable to take part, would I be able to rearrange another time?
A3: First, on the topic of presentation arrangements, the presentations will go in the order they were submitted and received (when the first screening takes place, nominees will be moved up in order they have been received). We will notify you in writing (via e-mail) on further details of the presentation time by July 22nd 2016. Unfortunately, rearranging a different presentation time apart from the one assigned to you as explained above will not be possible.

End of Q&A.