2014.01.21 Tue

February 19th, d design travel Fukuoka Lecture and Workshop


The Fukuoka edition of d design travel, a guide book compiled from the viewpoint of region-defining design by the D & DEPARTMENT PROJECT, an active store style group founded by the designer Kenmei Nagaoka centered on the theme of, “Long Life Design,” will be published in June.

Fukuoka City and Publisher Kenmei Nagaoka invite you to their joint sponsored lecture and workshop, D & DEPARTMENT.
Part 1: Lecture (approximately 60 minutes, capacity of 200 people)
Part 2: Workshop (approximately 60 minutes, capacity of 80 people) *Limited to those who attend the lecture.
*Application period will close when capacity is reached, so please apply quickly.

Details about d design travel here.

From now, at Tokyo’s Shibuya Hikarie, the D&D Project are planing to hold exhibitions and sales events of handicrafts, special products, and tourist attractions displayed in the Fukuoka edition.