2015.11.10 Tue

11/24/2015 Fukuoka Start-Up Selection

We are currently recruiting participants for the “Fukuoka Start-Up Selection”!!


Fukuoka City is holding a business matching event, “Fukuoka Start-Up Selection”, that hopes to match together existing businesses with start-ups.
This event is being held with the aim of furthering the growth and development of local businesses and new ventures, as well as a means to stimulate the local economy.

A keynote speech will be given by Masahiro Sakane, who is an adviser for Komatsu, the company known for creating the “Dantosu Management System”, which they have used to promptly deal with globalization, and to produce 70% of their sales within emerging markets. A panel discussion will be held to discuss local business, as well as start-up business, and will feature the mayor of Takashima City among others.
Additionally, examples of local businesses and start-ups collaborating with each will be introduced, so this will be a valuable event for coordinating new businesses with existing ones.