2015.11.17 Tue

Fukuoka Asian Party Event Report

Held between October 9th – October 11th at the Fureai Plaza on the west side of Fukuoka City Hall, the Creative Lab Fukuoka-sponsored “Fukuoka Asian Party” was a roaring success, welcoming around 100,000 visitors.
This is the first year that this Fukuoka Asian Party has taken place, after the integration of The Creators and the Asia Pacific Festival that had been running until last year.

The stage, the likes of which could only be found at this event, was equipped with an original “gate-shaped LED panel” that consisted of 3 screens, a large, medium, and small one, lined up by size, which combined the latest technology with Asian culture and entertainment under the theme of “Asia”, “Creative”, and “Now”.

Check out this report for a look back on the highlights of this year’s Fukuoka Asian Party.

【Asia x Creative Stage】
“SANQ Band from Thailand”
This was the stage for the band SANQ, formed by celebrated Thai musicians DAN and AEH. They actually came roughly 1 month before the Fukuoka Asian Party, and have been spending their time travelling around Kyushu in a bid to sell 999 copies of the CD that they wrote and composed.
It seems like they used the money they made from selling their CD’s to cover their living expenses over here.

The stage here at Fukuoka Asian Party was the last stop on this journey, making for an even more emotional atmosphere.

It also seems as if SANQ Band’s 1 month journey around Kyushu will be turned into a reality movie or TV series back home in their native Thailand.
Thanks to this we are expecting an increasing amount of tourists from Thailand.

Not only did they perform their own live show on the Fukuoka Asian Party stage, but they also did a collaboration with Fukuoka idol group LinQ!
If you want to check out more about SANQ Band, follow the link below

“FLOW Apsara Dancers from Cambodia”
This performance was brought to us by a dance troupe who had come all the way from an orphanage in Cambodia.
Here they let us take a peek at Cambodia’s traditional dance, the “apsara dance”.
On top of the beautiful dance, they also used the original date-shaped LED panel in their performance, and were able to promote a new kind of attractiveness of their art through their collaborative use of traditional culture and cutting-edge movies.
Having a definite Cambodian feel, it had quite an impact up close!

“Monosafari with Sido Tanimoto from Japan”
A show featuring a distinctive collaboration between DJ and shakuhachi.
Fukuoka DJ MonoSafari was joined by Fukuoka shakuhachi performer Sido Tanimoto in a genre collaboration that people don’t usually have the opportunity to see at another uniquely Fukuoka Asian Party event.

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