2015.12.18 Fri

01/26/2015 Fukuoka Startup Selection Round Two — Call for Participating Companies

Information on the Call for Companies to Present at Creative Booth

Creative Lab Fukuoka will be featuring a Creative Booth at the Fukuoka Startup Selection event held on January 26th. The Fukuoka Startup Selection is an event hosted by the city of Fukuoka for the purpose of bringing startup firms together with existing local businesses. An exhibition space will be setup within the Creative Booth area to widely publicize products, initiatives, and more, of creative companies and organizations aspiring to affiliate with existing local companies. It is our sincere hope that you consider presenting at the event.

Participation Fee:
Free of charge

・Content of exhibit must be a product, catalog, poster, or similar item related to the creative arts (games, videos, fashion, music, design, etc.).
・Must have a headquarters or office located in Fukuoka City.
・Must be forward-thinking about affiliating with other companies/different industries and new business development.
*If multiple applications are received, participants will be arranged and selected following a discussion of the matter with the event office.

About the Exhibit:
Participants will display products, catalogs, posters, etc. in the 4.4m x 4.4m exhibit space of the Creative Booth inside the exhibition venue. Staff from Creative Lab Fukuoka will remain on duty in the booth area.
・Please be aware that due to the limited space available for display, the display of multiple products per company may be forbidden.
・Displays shall be limited solely to items such as products, catalogs, and posters. Sending personnel to the booth to provide an explanation is basically not required. We will connect you at a later date by, for example, handing over the name of the person visiting the booth. Participants are free to provide explanations at the booth the day of the event.
・Information will be provided later on the details of bringing in, setting up, and taking down display items.

How to Apply:
If you are interested, please contact Creative Lab Fukuoka at with your company or organization name, contact information, and name of the item(s) you intend to display. After confirming the details, we will send you an official application form.

January 8th, 2016 (Fri.)
* We will inform you of whether you have been accepted by January 12, 2016 (Tue).