2015.12.10 Thu

〜1/29/2016 GFF AWARD 2016

The Fukuoka Game Industry Promotion Agency works in a variety of ways to help make Fukuoka a world-class gaming city. As one of those projects we are sponsoring the 9th Annual Fukuoka Game Contest GFF Award 2016 for amateur game creators.
The Fukuoka Game Contest being held for the 9th time next year will be revamped in some of its contents so as to have even more significance than before, and so as to make Fukuoka the source for the most game creators in Japan, for the sake of all those who work at making games every day with the dream of becoming game creators.
This time together with the Fukuoka Game Contest awards, we will hold exhibition matches. Local game teaching facilities and GFF will join together to create games especially for this game contest. The game creations that come from all over the country and the games made by local Fukuoka game educators and the GFF will battle in the arena! Who will attain victory!
We are looking forward to your entries.

Look for details at the Fukuoka Game Industry Promotion Agency website below.