2013.06.26 Wed

Fukuoka, ranked 12th on the list of the word’s top most livable cities.

Every year Monocle, the global lifestyle magazine, publishes its list of the “The World’s Top 25 Most Livable Cities.” The Japanese cities of Tokyo (4th), Fukuoka (12th), and Kyoto (13th) made the list.

The standards of evaluation were the same as previous years, and included economic and social factors, as well as functionality. In addition, the comfort of daily living and the happiness of denizens were also examined to determine whether or not a city had a high quality of life. This year the presence of a vibrant street life–including the number of restaurants open on Sunday nights, plazas, and outdoor cafes for eating and drinking–was also considered.


With a population of 1,500,000, Fukuoka is relatively small compared to other large cities, and the existence of park spaces makes it possible to enjoy a relaxed urban lifestyle there. The city has mountains and sea, the air is clean, and both the food culture and art scene are thriving. It is also home to one of the world’s top hi-tech research institutes. With Tokyo, Shanghai, and Seoul more or less equidistant, Fukuoka is an ideal location for businesses looking to expand throughout Asia.

With new technology being developed in a variety of different fields, the city offers a good environment for developing new products for both the domestic and international markets. It is likely that Fukuoka’s creative industries will soon begin attracting attention as well.