2013.10.07 Mon

Large Scale Projection Mapping for Fukuoka

This weekend is the long awaited 3 day long weekend, and so many events are being opened in every city!

In particular, there are plenty of great plans at the “Asian Party”.
The following is the schedule list.

We are picking up and introducing the most accessible events nearby.


First, there is “The Creators”, the entertainment event featuring a large scale projection mapping in Fukuoka as well as movies, music and dance.
Projection mapping was also featured as a special on the TV show “Sempai ROCKYOU” which aired last Saturday. It is currently a creative event of high popularity and well worth checking out!

■ “The Creators” 2nd Event
Opening day: October 11th (Friday)
Opens: 16:00, Closes: 18:30
Location: Fukuoka City Hall FUREAI PARK


Then there is the “Asian Pacific Festival”, an event where you can enjoy artistic stage performance and gourmet food at the stalls.

Searching for souvenirs around the vibrant market on the day is also recommended.
The event is located at both the Fukuoka City Hall FUREAI PARK and the Hakata Exit Station Square.