2014.02.18 Tue

March 04 「Kyushu University Serious Games Project International Symposium」

GFF, an organization of game developers, Kyushu University and the city of Fukuoka joined forces and established the [Fukuoka Gaming Industry Organization]. They are working on the cultivation of human resources and creating publications.

Since 2009, they have started a new project to foster the Serious Games Industry.


Serious Games refer to digital games that are used for problem solving in a variety of areas in society such as education.
Serious Games are not well know in Japan. This international conference will offer a place to converse about serious games. This time, new games that are gathering a lot of attention such as the simple balancing game that prevents slips and falls for people that might need nursing in the future, how Japan should contribute to this field, and the implications of serious games in the field of education will be discussed.
●[[[GAME STUDY EVOLUTION]]]!Kyushu University Serious Game Project International Symposium
Date and time:March 04(Tuesday)14:30〜18:00 ※OPEN 14:00
Place:ACROS Fukuoka Arena Hall


The keynote speaker is Philip Tan, the lecturer for the Game Design and Creative Video Game course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Please register using the link below. (Deadline is March 28)