2024.02.27 Tue

Call for “Metaverse-based Business Startup Grant” Presentation Session Participants!

We will hold a business presentation and networking session for recipients of the “Metaverse-based Business Startup Grant” held in FY2023.
During the business presentation, participants will have a chance to hear valuable stories from creative business operators in Fukuoka, such as the details of business activities of recipient businesses and their motivation for leveraging metaverse technology.
We look forward to seeing you there!

【Date & time】
Friday, March 22, 2024 17:00-19:30

Engineer Cafe Main Hall
Address: 1F 1-15-30 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
Phone: 080-6742-7231

【Event details】
1. Business presentation
(1) Presenters
– Ryutaro Nakamura (Representative Director, Veyond Inc.)
– Yuichiro Niijima (Representative Director, xCura, Inc.)
– Takeshi Nishi (Representative Director, One Small Step Inc.)
– Koji Murakami (Representative Employee, Asobuild. LLC.)

(2) Talk details
– Motivations for using metaverse technology
– Benefits of leveraging metaverse technology
– Creation of new business opportunities, etc.

2. Networking session (Creators x Engineers)
A networking party will be held for those who are interested in using metaverse technology and want to hear about it in detail.
This is a valuable opportunity to ask questions directly to creators and engineers.

17:00 Opening remarks
17:05 Business presentations by “Metaverse-based Business Startup Grant” recipients and critique
18:05 Networking session (Creators x Engineers)

【Registration period】
Wednesday, February 28 – Friday, March 15, 2024 17:00

25 people (names will be drawn by lottery if the number of applicants exceeds this number)

【Participation fee】

【How to register】

*Applicants will be notified by email about whether they can attend or not by 18:00 on Monday, March 18.
Please ensure that your email settings are configured so that you can receive emails from this email address.

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