2022.10.11 Tue

We are holding Myojowaraku 2022, a conference for startups and creatives!

Many noted guests will gather on various topics!
The event will be packed with round-table discussions on featured topics such as “startups,” “the metaverse,” and “Web3.”
Please definitely apply to attend it.

Dates and Times: Thursday, October 13th: 1:00 – 8:00 P.M.
Venue: Fukuoka Growth Next
* The event will be live-streamed on YouTube.

For details, click on the link below:

Featured Sessions:
“The Next Stage of a Startup City”
* Masaru Ikeda (Co-Founder of and Senior Editor at BRIDGE)
* Osamu Ogasahara (Fellow at SAKURA Internet Inc.)
* Soichiro Takashima (Mayor of Fukuoka)
* Tony Hughes (Founder of CityCurator)
* Masanori Hashimoto (President of Nulab Inc.)

“The Next Generation Talks About Ways Of Competing in the World”
* Toshihiko Kamei (Co-founder of Fracton Ventures)
* Shota Morozumi (F Ventures)
* Shinpei Yoshimura (CEO of RATEL Company)
* Sota Watanabe (Founder of Astar Network)
* Kenji Matsuguchi (Chair of the Myojowaraku Executive Committee)