2013.08.19 Mon

8/24 – 9/8 “Shin-Hakata Ikiden (New Stylish Hakata)”


Starting on 8/24 (Sat.), at Tokyo Midtown, an exhibition of Hakata weaving and Hakata dolls will be held.
This time, there will be a spotlight on young artists of Hakata weaving and creators of Hakata dolls.
We will be introducing some newly developed products that fuse contemporary design with traditional crafts,
as well as collaboration with projects initiated by the University.
We are also announcing a product that is a digital simulation of “Hakata weaving.”
This includes producing a Hakata doll of the title character in the DLE anime “Eagle Talon,”
with both the planning and exhibition accomplished as a collaboration between the Hakata doll maker and the character designer.

On 8/24, the first day of the event, a talk session concerning the future will be held with those involved. This talk session will cover topics such as collaboration between traditional crafts and character business, as well as a new approach to traditional crafts utilizing digital methods.
Also during the exhibition, demonstrations and workshops will be held as well.
For more information, please visit the official website.