2013.05.22 Wed

“Free Magazine Fair -Discover! New forms of books” until 5/26

A grand gathering of around 30 free magazines from across the country in conjunction with Fukuoka Museum Week!
Your best chance to enjoy all in one place free-magazine regional publications from across the nation that enchant both as style and as literature.13052101

When most people hear “free magazines” and “free newspapers,”
they probably think of flyers stuffed with ads and coupons distributed in urban areas.
While these flyers can be very useful,
our event is themed on publications “you actively seek out.” We’ll introduce you to 100 publications connected to seasonal goings-on across the country, from cultural news onward! (We also have rare back issues, and issues you can take home. *Quantities limited)
We have a diverse lineup on hand, so come and find your favorites.
Our lineup of free magazines and other details are available here !