2013.06.06 Thu

『kakezan design × [    ]』on 6/15

Starting with a theme of “design x [   ]”, five members working as designers in Tokyo together with creators from all over Japan exchange ideas in search of a new worldview and new surroundings in the creative community kakezan. The first installment of this sponsored event will be held in Fukuoka.
We welcome five creators, including image supervisor and art director Kouki Tange, as our guests
for a talk on the disparities in work styles between the local region and Tokyo.
We also have scheduled some after parties and workshops
designed to elevate the creative sense of not only presenters but each and every participant. Through establishing a venue where we can provide each other encouragement, we will try to revitalize Japanese creativity.


Kouki Tange (video production company Yellow Brain, design company Mabataki production facility representative, filmmaker/art director)
Hiroshi Murakami (Montblanc Pictures Inc. film director)
Shinichi Shimomura (5ive Web engineer)
Kiminori Tanoue (head of happyproject, inc., art director/character designer)
Youhei Kobayashi (Full Scale Inc., designer)
Junichi Saitou (head of ARCHETYP Inc., art director/web designer)
Keigo Anan (head of Logram Inc., art director/designer)
Takashi Kamata (head of spfdesign Inc., art director/designer/Flash director)
Yoshihiro Toda (head of WONDROUS Inc., composer/sound designer)
Yuuki Ono (head of WONDROUS Inc., composer/sound designer)
Daisuke Kozuki (former moonlinx editor-in-chief)