2013.07.25 Thu

People, things, and plants – a pure connection on exhibition


Orchid specialty shop Placer Workshop and interior shop By Trico Fukuoka have combined tags and together are putting on a sales event displaying orchids in various ways centered around their own cultivated products.
This event uses the unique sense of each company to propose the question: “What really constitutes a plentiful, happy, and graceful life style?”


Entering the shop, visitors are instantly impressed by the upside down hanging flowerpot.
This flowerpot is an item designed by a New Zealand based designer called the “Sky Planter.”
Plants that were once typically supposed to stay at foot level are now inverted and hanging above head, creating an entirely new point of view in which to enjoy nature.


Placera Workshop is an establishment that deals entirely with a pure breed of wild orchids that are not retouched by the human hand whatsoever.
At this exhibit, the orchid’s peculiar “epiphytic” qualities were made use of.
Visitors are able to enjoy the shape orchids take as they grow on various containers rather than the trees they are generally known to grow on.



What an orchid grows onto is generally called its support. It is very interesting how the containers gain a new purpose to being created as a support.
As time passes, the orchid’s stalks will grow along the shape of the container.
Nurturing an orchid on a transparent container like this allows one to fully appreciate the stages of its growth.



An orchid that has become a set for cups, coffee cups, and egg plates.
It is said that this event made use of around 50 varieties of orchids.
Here visitors were able to be acquainted with a novel charm from orchids and feel anew the rich liveliness plants can possess.

People, things, and plants – a pure connection on exhibition
Placer Workshop /
BY TRICO Fukuoka /
■ Date: 7/20 (sat) ~ 7/26 (fri)
■ Location: By Trico Fukuoka Fukuoka-shi, Chuo-ku, Daimyo 1-8-25 1F