2022.02.02 Wed

Announcement of “Creative 1 DAY Campus with SDGs” Video Streaming

The panel session for the “Creative 1 DAY Campus through SDGs” held in November 2021 is now available for streaming on Fukuoka Tenjin University’s YouTube channel, so please have a look.
The “Creative 1 DAY Campus through SDGs” featured a workshop showcasing designs and works by Fukuoka-based creators aimed at realizing a “sustainable society”. The streamed video shows a panel discussion with Fukuoka-based creators from various genres who served as instructors for the workshop. This is a good opportunity to get to know creators’ feelings and thoughts on SDGs, so please take a look.

The URL for the YouTube video can be found below:

– Panel Session Details
– Koumei Shinjo (CEO, Tenkyu Co., Ltd. / Director, Diaspora)
– Milk Packco
– Uminekoya (Manga Director)

– Yuka Matsushita (CEO, acali.Co.,Ltd)
– Shinichi Iwanaga (President, Fukuoka Tenjin University)