2015.10.22 Thu

10/29/15 Contents Intellectual Property Seminar

Content, the value asset for creative businesses, is inseparable from intellectual property laws. This year, we welcome Daisuke Okeda, a lawyer well versed in copyright law and who works at the forefront of the field of intellectual property, as he discusses how to utilize intellectual property policies by examining actual cases of expansion abroad. Please invite your colleagues and participate in this seminar.

Introducing general intellectual property support organizations and tools for strengthening and utilizing intellectual property rights
Ken Sasaki​Fukuoka General Intellectual Property Support Center Representative

Lecture: “Methods to Protect and Utilize Intellectual Property for Creative-Type Businesses Targeting Overseas Expansion”
Speaker: Daisuke Okeda​​Attorney, Kitahama Partners, Foreign Law Joint Enterprise

Individual Consultation (15 minutes each × up to 4 groups) *Pre-registration required
Mr. Okeda, the speaker, is available for direct consultation.
* If there are many applicants, we will decide based on the content of the consultation.
* To those who are allotted a consultation slot, we will send the scheduled time and a questionnaire by the lecturer by email.

Target Audience:
Members of creative-type businesses and those who are considering starting up a creative-type venture
Those who are already working on creative content, including expanding overseas
Other members of small and medium-sized enterprises interested in hints about utilizing intellectual property rights

Audience Limit:
120, first-come basis

Participation Fee:
Free (Both the lecture and individual consultation are at no cost)

Speaker Biographical Sketch:
Daisuke Okeda​​Attorney, Kitahama Partners, Foreign Law Joint Enterprise
Born 1975 in Tokyo.
After graduating from the Law Department at Hitotsubashi University, worked at a law firm and passed the bar examination in 2003.
While handling intellectual property issues focusing on copyright, has held managerial positions including auditor for Japan Animation Creators Association (current). He remains active in supporting the future of Japan’s content creation industry both public and private, through works such as serving as policy advisor (current) for a parliamentary group working for the promotion of electronic books and electronic publishing.

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