2020.06.15 Mon

Regarding financial assistance for sustaining business of cultural/entertainment establishments

A message from the Fukuoka City Bureau of Finance, Tourism, and Culture.

Fukuoka City aims to contribute to the continued development in the fields of culture and entertainment and is carrying out assistance for cultural/entertainment establishments that were requested to close with the declaration of the state of emergency which accompanied the spread of the novel coronavirus.

This assistance program consists of aid for part of the costs of the purchase of video equipment and the like in order to meet new challenges such as video streaming presented to owners or operators of these establishments.

Details of the program and application documents can be downloaded from the homepage below.

1. Program Outline
A maximum amount of 500,000yen (4/5 of the subjected expenses) in aid is provided to cultural/entertainment establishments (live houses, theaters, etc.) within the city for expenses incurred for equipment for video streaming without a live audience.

2. Businesses Eligible for Assistance
Businesses that streamed footage or streamed edited footage of artist performances–musical, theatrical, or the like–without a live audience at cultural/entertainment establishments within Fukuoka City.

3. Expenses Eligible for Assistance
Expenses incurred for streaming footage and the like without a live audience (Expenses for equipment such as cameras or computers, Wi-Fi setup expenses, editing/streaming consulting fees)

4. Individuals Eligible for Assistance
Owners or operators of the establishments listed below who were requested to close or requested to reduce their hours of operation by Fukuoka prefecture (Small to mid-sized enterprises, small-scale business owners, etc.)
– Live houses
– Theaters (Playhouse, movie theaters, amphitheaters, performance arts halls)
– Rental studios (Studios for music, dance, etc. which meet the conditions for closed, crowded, or close-contact)

5. Period of Eligibility
Expenses incurred from April 7th, 2020 to July 31, 2020 or planned expenses

6. Period of Application Acceptance
May 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020

7. Regarding Supporter Enterprises
Enterprises conducting consulting regarding video streaming, editing, etc. are registered as supporting enterprises. Please consult with our supporter enterprise if you manage an establishment and wish to conduct more effect video streaming or have no experience with or do not understand video streaming.

Details of the supporter enterprise system can be found at the homepage below.

8. Installation Example
The site below introduces an example of conducting video streaming using funds provided through this program. Owners or operators of establishment considering video streaming may refer to this as a reference.

9. Document Submission/Address for Inquiries
Fukuoka City Bureau of Finance, Tourism, and Culture International Finance/Content Section, Content Promotion Department
Address: 810-8620 Fukuoka City Chuo-ku Tenjin 1-8-1
Phone: 080-6449-6441, 080-6449-6442 (Weekdays from 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.)
Fax: 092-711-4354