2020.09.11 Fri

Mass Recruitment for Future Engineers! Programming Course for Middle and High School Students entitled, “Tech Autumn Camp”

This is a notice from Fukuoka City.
We are holding an online programming course for middle and high school students who can attend lectures at home.
We will implement a curriculum that matches the proficiency level of the participant. For five days, you will take the challenge of shaping your ideas into making your favorite things.
We give a warm welcome even to persons who are beginners at programming!
There are no entrance fees. Please definitely apply to participate. (The application deadline is September 14th.)

*Recommended for These Kinds of Persons*
• You are interested in programming.
• You have something like a game that you want to try to make through programming.
• You want to try to hear stories from people who are working as engineers. (There are even working engineers among the instructors!)

1. Details and Applications
Click the link below for the Fukuoka City homepage for details and applications.
A programming course for middle and high school students entitled, “Tech Autumn Camp ~Let’s freely make your favorite things!~”

2. Course Dates (a series of courses for five days)
September 22nd (Tues., a public holiday), 26th (Sat.), and 27th (Sun.); and October 4th (Sun.), and 11th (Sun.).

3. Intended Participants
Middle to high school students (who reside in Fukuoka City or go to school in Fukuoka City).

4. Entrance Fees
The course is free of charge. (Please bear the costs of your internet connection fees.)

5. Enrollment Capacity
There is a limit of 20 persons. (If there are too many applicants, we will draw lots to select the participants.)