2020.11.27 Fri

“The Finders 2020 ~Fukuoka Calling Hybrid~ ” Online Streaming Announcement

From the multifaceted artist “Franz K Endo” who attracted attention with Banksy in Japan and the young, Fukuoka-born sound creator Takumi Nishimura’s solo act “the perfect me,” who even performed at the large-scale American event SXSW, come a performance and special talk event!
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the performance and conversation from the pair who created an animation and a new song is a must see!
Even more, this is Franz K Endo’s first performance in Japan!

Also, Fukuryu – the music curator who oversees the selection of songs for the music app Spotify’s official playlist “Kirakira Pop: Japan” – and members of CRJ, who create a college chart for students who love music, discuss the subject of “hit music and new scenes created from college charts” – the unfolding of this conversation is a must see.

Tickets are sold out, but since the event is being streamed online, please do check it out!
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Event Summary:
● Date and time: Friday, November 27, 2020 from 8pm JST
● Performance: the perfect me, Franz K Endo
● Talk: Takumi Nishimura (the perfect me) & Franz K Endo, Fukuryu & CRJ
●Online Streaming Admission: free