2020.11.20 Fri

Notice of e-sports Online Business Meetup

This is a notice for an online business meetup notice from the Fukuoka e-sports Association (FeA).
The objective of the FeA is to promote/educate so that e-sports are recognized as sports, thereby contributing to the development of sports culture. Since February of this year, however, we have not been able to hold any events for nine months.
This event aims to offer insights to individuals and groups on how to participate in e-sports by studying how companies and players/companies and teams got to collaborate as well as their objectives. This will be streamed online. The event will be held, as indicated below.
We hope that everyone can participate.

[Event Information]
1.Event title
“Is it finally time to get into e-sports? – e-sports from the perspective of matching examples”

November 26 (Thurs), 2020, from 6:00 p.m.

6:00 p.m.- event starts
Koichi Shimizu/Director of FeA, CEO of Linked Brain Inc.
6:10 p.m.- Aishitoto×CS Entertainment
Hiroyuki Nakamura/CEO of Aishitoto
6:40 p.m.- QTnet×Sengoku Gaming
Takuya Yoshimura/QTnet eSports Project Project Leader
Hidetaka Nakashima/CEO of Sengoku
7:10 p.m.- 3R System ×3R Gaming Lotus
Raita Shuto/3R System 3RGaming GM
Seiji Hara/3R Gaming Lotus (PUBG)/Sizukuuu
Hidetaka Oda/CEO of NIWAKASOFT
Takumi Furukawa/ NIWAKAGAMES Captain
8:00 p.m.- Announcements of “Kyushu Super Tournament”→ End of event
Kenichi Nakajima/Chairman of the FeA, Nippon Telegraph And Telephone West Corporation Entertainment Producer, NTT e-Sports director

4.Streaming method
Online streaming on YouTube

Fukuoka e-sports Association

Aishitoto, QTnet, 3R System, NIWAKASOFT, Fukuoka City, Linked Brain

7.Application method
We will issue a URL for viewing for those who applied using the Google form below.

8. Inquiry
Fukuoka e-sports Association Inquiry Desk (Fukuoka e-sports Association)