2013.10.16 Wed

The great autumn harvest festival 2013: a festival of music and food


We are making offerings to gods from our new grains and we thank them for the crops and for the progress of our various industries. We also perform the “Shinjousai”, the ceremonial offering by the Emperor, where we pray for the national peace and prosperity.
This year Furuyashiro, Torikai Hachiman celebrates 1700 years since its foundation and the “Shinjousai” will be performed in a special style.
Commencing WITH THE STYLE FUKUOKA and Brooklyn Parlor well-designed restaurants and eateries, it will be a lovely open-air dining in the shrine grounds.
It will also be a festivity of exhibitions and live shows with artist of various genres from the center of Fukuoka. It’s not only a “fall of delights”, but also a “fall of art” to enjoy.