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10/29〜30 2016, Create! The handicrafts fair for everyone. Exhibitor recruitment notice

The “Create!” handicrafts fair for everyone was well received in January, and now it’s back for the second time!
[Date and time]
29th October 2016 (Sat.) 12:00p.m.-6:00p.m., 30th (Sun.) 10:00a.m.-6:00p.m.
Nishijin Palace

Free choice
We are currently recruiting exhibitors who can help bring excitement to Create! vol.2.
Like last time, it doesn’t matter what age you are or what genre you work in, as long as the works are your own.
We have powered up since last time, and this time it will also be possible to sell goods inside the venue!
Other plans are still being formulated, but we are looking forward to letting you know when the time comes!
We would love everyone to bring their passion for handicrafts to Create!
Having passed through the heavy snows of the previous occasion, and through spring and summer, this autumn let’s enjoy handicrafts.
See you at the fair!
*Exhibitor application forms are here. (Application deadline Friday 30th September)
Information on exhibiting works and selling goods etc.
*For details of exhibition requirements etc. please see the link below.
These will be carried out for both exhibitors and non-exhibitors.
For exhibitors and those considering taking part, please apply using this link.
*We are also recruiting individuals and businesses to provide their cooperation to support the creators.
Please get in touch with us at the Create! office (
This time:
The previous time:
What the event looked like last time.