2016.09.02 Fri

Invitation to watch Voice Actor Stadium 2016

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100 names will be picked from a lottery to win an invitation to the Cross FM “Voice Actor Stadium 2016” festival for middle school and high schoolers aspiring to become voice actors, launched in Fukuoka!
For details, see:
On the day, as well as the final voice acting contest, there will also be talk sessions with Fukuoka’s game and anime companies, and a public recording and mini live stage with Yuki Takao of Mimi Meme Mimi! We will provide 100 people aspiring to work in the voice acting/anime/game industry with a free ticket to this event! We’re looking forward to receiving lots of entries!
Entry form here:
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[Voice acting contest]
Having passed the initial selection, the middle school and high school students aiming to become voice actors will battle it out with their performances! The winner will have their performance featured in a game.
[Talk sessions]
Talk sessions with Fukuoka’s anime and game companies! Discover that this and that game and anime were actually made by people in Fukuoka. These talk sessions are a must for those aspiring to the “voice actor/anime/game” world!
[Cross FM public recording and mini live concert!]
We welcome Yuki Takao of “Mimi Meme Mimi,” the group who perform “Harebare Fanfare,” the opening track for the popular current anime “Sweetness and Lightning.”
Speaking to Yuki Takao, who also works as a voice actor, we’ll hear all about what kind of work she has done to get to this point! And of course you can’t pass up the chance to see the mini live show!
Voice Actor Stadium 2016 office 092-262-5222
Please enter by clicking the link above and filling out the necessary fields on the application form.
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