2014.05.22 Thu

Wednesday,4 June: The Rough/Light/Renovator crew – “(Ra)nobe Project” – comes to Fukuoka for the first time!


There is the foreman: the carpenter who will teach you DIY (“do it yourself”). And there are the assistants: the architect couple who will help you with DIY. This crew of 3 make up the “(Ra)nobe Project”, coming all the way from Hokkaido to Fukuoka for the first time!

At “(Ra)nobe’s Open DIY Night” in Fukuoka:
You will watch a movie and slideshow presentation which show how enjoyable DIY can be.
After that, the two assistants will build a stool right there and then, while the foreman will provide a real time explanation on how to build it.
Then, if you are interested, you will be invited to build your own stool whilst receiving instructions from the crew.

Of course, you can take the stool that you made home with you!
Have you ever wanted to try DIY, but never found the courage?
Are you searching for the ideal furniture, but fretting because you can’t find it anywhere in stores?
Are you a casual DIYer who wants to learn some more effective techniques?
Then this event is for you!
In this event, you will learn a DIY process that covers all the essentials, acquiring a thorough fundamental knowledge of DIY which you can put to practical use.

For more details, please visit (link in Japanese):